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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Music List Challenges

There’s an app on Facebook that I have been using lately called ‘Music List Challenges’, which as the title suggests is a selection of music lists where you can tick off songs and albums you own and rank yourself against other users on a global leaderboard.

Maybe it’s the inner geek in me, but there is something satisfying about being able to tick those little boxes and see just how much music you really know and own.   From Classical lists, to Metal lists to specific years and specific artists and peoples own personal collections, there is a range of lists to suit most people and I am pleased to say I have been able to tick at least one of two boxes in each list.

Interestingly it has also shown up some gaps in my musical collection.  Specifically the 70’s as a decade of music.  I have a lot of the metal from this era, but I am missing a lot of the glam and disco from this era, although I do know most of it.  Maybe a few compilations and greatest hits collections can help me here and I’ll look into this soon.

I’ve also been adding my own lists to the app and it is good to see when other people use the list and how they compare.   It’s a nice way to interact online about music without some of the back biting and bitching I’ve read on other music forums.  There’s none of the ‘my band is better than yours’ malarkey that you see, it’s just a case of tick your boxes and compare your score.  Maybe it’s a bit insular, but it also preserves my ego from someone telling me my taste in music is dire.  Hmmm, sadly my feelings of self worth may be that tied into my music!

Anyway, it’s an interesting way to spend the odd moment online and it’s nice to see myself climb the ranking as I work my way through the lists.  If you like this kind of thing then take a look, it’s a bit of light hearted fun and if you add your own list then maybe I’ll be ticking your little boxes and comparing my collection to your own.

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  1. going there now to check out the facebook app. I had two children in the 70s- to 80 and lost my interest in music briefly as I sank myself into raising kids and learning everything I could by reading every book on parenting I could get my hands on--so the 70s is an odd decade music-wise to me, too!